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I can design whatever you require to suit your product and packaging needs, be it labels, boxes, belly bands, bags or anything else. The case study below is for a local company called Bergamot & Flow who make and sell Aromatherapy Oils. I have been working with Sam for many years now and her packaging has evolved hugely. Initially we worked on designing labels for her oil bottles - these had to include the relevant safety information and ingredient lists etc, this was no mean feat on such a tiny bottle! The finished labels look great and are totally waterproof. Sam expanded her range and needed a professional way to showcase her oil sets This is where the boxes and belly bands came into play. These are a custom size so are printed on large sheets for Sam to guillotine and fit herself. More recently, we have worked together on some blend booklets which are die cut to hold her individual oil blends. We worked with another local company on these to get the die cutting just perfect and the finished results are really amazing. 

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